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Going to the Grocery

I began to notice recently that when Jo Ann and I make our treks to the grocery, I generally take my share of the items on the list (this list is a wifely ploy to keep me from sitting, semi-patiently in the car) and procede full steam to pick them out, add a few items of my own choice, add them to the cart for her to check out and make my way back to the car, exhausted, while she does the dirty work. My sister, Ardis, would say, “that’s a man for you!” Of course it is.

But there’s more. When we go to certain food stores, Trader Joe’s, A.J.’s (a high end store of the enlightened Basha’s chain in Arizona), Sprouts (a store oriented in natural, organic foods) or Henry’s (same idea), I find myself fascinated with shelves of food,spice and drink. But now I am pushed a bit by time, common sense, Jo Ann and wanting to buy more than I should or we need. Here is the fantasy life that comes from a life-long love for good, imaginative food. It is something like reading a good book, enjoying a fine play or even being moved almost to tears by a vintage broadway musical – well done and happily received.

Then, as so often happens, this morning’s New York Times features an article in it’s eating out section, Julia Moskin’s “For Trader Joe’s, a New York Taste Test”. As I read, I kept saying to myself, “yes! That is what the good life is supposed to be.” I could hardly wait to head for our local T.J.’s, where my personal favorite, “Trader Joe’s Hot Red Pepper Relish” recently mysteriously disappeared from their shelves. The only thing is that I am sure there is something new, different – maybe “Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Peanuts.”

There are a few things, places and people that add romance, excitement and fun to living. They leave us a bit tired, but never exhausted.

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 at 07:50AM by Registered CommenterJarby | Comments5 Comments


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