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Cooking 101

Among the sisters out here in Sun City West, there is common agreement that cooking is a task and art that went with younger days. Not all of them, but many of them. “Been there and done that…” is the line often heard. And I can’t blame them. They have been married with kids and cooked 3 meals a day, 7 days a week ad nauseum. If their husbands can retire, why can’t they?”
Only a fool would even open his mouth to dispute that.

The restaurants are packed as long as the prices are low and the food acceptable. Basha’s and other enlightened groceries features meals to take home that are very good. We have had their clam chowder and their lobster bisque soups and they are just this side of heaven. An increasing number of our aging seniors are opting for luxury life care condos that feature the option of eating all meals, one a day, 21 a month or none at all in beautiful settings and featuring food that is very, very good.

Jo Ann and I both agree that this is wonderful. At the same time we treasure the foods and cooking that we grew up with. We both love to cook and to eat home cooked food. As we anticipate moving into a condo in the future we are getting rid of all kinds of cooking utensils and so forth. The question we keep asking ourselves is: “what do we love to cook and what do we keep to keep on enjoying it?” Not unrelated is the question: “which of our favorite foods is readily available outside our kitchen?”

So, out go the deep fryer, the smoker, the ice cream freezer. Farewell to home baked turkeys, prime ribs, country hams – you get the idea.

There’s another element here. Keeping alive the cooking traditions of the past. Today’s young women simply don’t have the time or the desire to cope with the wonderful recipes of the past. (see Washington Post article this morning.)

One can understand how and why things change with this post-modern age. Still, there’s a sense of melancholy that goes along with it all.


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