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Our Next President

I’m not sure that it makes a lot of difference whether our next president is a Democrat or Republican. Responsible Liberal or responsible Conservative. We have been badly governed over the last five years. A new direction is sorely needed.

Our main problem is that the nation has become well nigh ungovernable. We have some terrible commitments that we can’t seem to escape. We are maxed out financially. The environment is in extremely dangerous condition, perhaps irreversible. The morale of the nation is in shreds. We are deeply divided. The Senate and the House are the worst in years. It’s a mess.

One important issue in selecting a new president for 2008 may well be finding and electing someone who has some understanding of the proper use of presidential power. I believe this is the source of many of our nation’s most serious problems. The president is supposed to be a leader, not a boss. This is lost on the current administration.




We’ve had too much of the strutting, paranoid, doctrinaire, empire building, tin-eared style of leadership. I, for one would like to see a president who knows how to get along with people. I would like to see one who is able to laugh at himself. I would like to see one who has some genuine humility. I would like to see one who does not have all the answers but no questions. I would like to see one who can surround himself with good people and be secure enough within himself to listen to them. I would treasure wisdom, tact and balanced judgment. I would like to see one who inspired respect and good will.

For different reasons, at this point I am not able to be comfortable with Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

The other candidates in both parties, for the most part, hardly seem to qualify as giants.

I am most impressed with Gov. Mark Warner (Democrat of Virginia), Senator Barack Obama (Democrat of Illinois) and Gov. Mitt Romney (Republican of Massachusetts). (see above)

I May be wrong, but people like these at least keep me from moving to New Zealand or British Columbia. Of course, my age might be another factor.


5 responses to “Our Next President

  1. Ann Marie Curling March 20, 2006 at 3:07 am

    I think you should go with Mr. Romney, but then again…I’m a bit biased :::laughs:::

    In all seriousness, Mr. Romney really has what it takes to be the next POTUS.

  2. citrus March 20, 2006 at 4:37 am

    I like him very much. I can’t imagine his ever letting us down.

    I am, on the other hand, a liberal Democrat, but, as I tried to say in the blog, I think the problem today is in the man and his people and the potential for the future lies in breaking out of the traditional political lines and choosing someone for his/her real qualities, as opposed to their mindset.

    Thank you, Ann Marie, for responding.

  3. PB March 20, 2006 at 5:47 am

    From what I’ve seen/heard/read, I really think we could use either Hillary Clinton or Senator Obama (better yet -both!) in the White House. I’ve never seen a more inept president that what we currently have in office. Makes me embarrassed to be an American.

    For those of you that have Netflix or Blockbuster video rental, I highly encourage you to check out the 3 DVD set entitled “The Presidents.” This was a series on the History Channel, which is one of Nancy’s and my favorite channels on TV. Absolutely fascinating to learn bits about each of the presidents we’ve had, their strenths as well as their weaknesses, and how their presidencies helped shape our country. Really focuses on which presidents were actually leaders and the different styles of leadership used. Also makes one think about upcoming presidential candidates and what kind of impact they could have in turning around our nation from what the current abomination has put us in.

  4. communicatrix March 25, 2006 at 4:20 am

    I’m a liberal Democrat as well, but I’ve never had a problem (well, not much of one) with tolerant folk anywhere on the political spectrum.

    I, too, like Senator Obama. I fear he’s too young for a 2008 run, but who knows? I’ve fantasized about a Hillary/Obama ticket. (I’ve fantasized about a George Clooney/Barack Obama ticket, too, but that’s another story.)

    As long as people are throwing out recommendations, I must give a shoutout to “Al Franken: God Spoke”, which I recently saw at the SXSW film festival (it hasn’t been released yet). It’s an excellent behind-the-scenes view of the 2004 elections and how our whole election process has turned into more of a circus than anything else.

    Oh, and age might be one factor in refusal to move, but I think something more basic and ornery keeps me here: this is my country, too, dammit, and I’m not just going to leave it to be eaten by rapacious wolves!

  5. citrus March 25, 2006 at 7:31 am

    I heard Mr. Bush say just the other day that the election had provided him with lots of political capital and he intends to spend it now saving his Iraq effort. That left me scratching my head. Who would have thought…

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