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One of my favorite sinful pleasures is the coffee mug. Not the kind you buy at Target or Walmart. The kind thoughtfully made by some semi-disreputable potter. Here's one I did:

wabi sabi mug.jpg



This mug is Japanese in feeling, but I pushed it beyond their tradition. The ups and downs on the mug's lip symbolize the hills and valleys of nature – and the ups and downs of life. It conforms perfectly to the mouth.

The glaze is a rustic glaze which I made from oak ashes.

I did not throw this on my wheel, but "pinched" it from a lump of brown clay while sitting in an old chair on our porch.


One reason I love mugs is that they fit so wondrously into our cupped and open hands. They are made for that.


Then, created as fairly thick pots, they warm slowly and transfer that warmth into your hands – and surely even deeper.

Few things can compare to sitting quietly after breakfast with a familiar mug full of steaming rich coffee – with the woman you love – and a couple of dozing dogs.


2 responses to “mugs

  1. bo March 23, 2006 at 11:49 pm

    Very sensual pot! Could also be good for soup, hot chocolate, even beans!

  2. citrus March 24, 2006 at 12:01 am

    That is a good thought.

    This one needs a broader base for sitting it on a table. It sits ok, but one must do so cautiously. I made it with holding in mind.

    The soup and beans would want a bit larger pot with a broader base and a very old soup spoon. Very old. Grandmother’s.


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