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Weird Democracy

From this morning's front page: "The American ambassador has told Shiite officials that President Bush does not want the Iraqi prime minister to remain the country's leader in the next government… Mr. Khalilizad said Mr. Bush 'doesn't want, doesn't support, doesn't accept' Mr. Jaafari as the next prime minister.."

A few weeks ago, when Palestinians voted Hamas into leadership, Mr. Bush said essentially the same thing. He simply couldn't accept the mind or the vote of the majority of the people there.

I am confused. We are trying to plant and grow democracy in the middle east but make it clear that the majority of the voters has to vote folks in or out of power OUR WAY or risk losing our support and good will. Maybe even worse than that.
A couple of hundred years ago, the powers that be in England made it clear to the leadership of the colonies that things were to be done their way or not at all. We took a deep breath, tossed some tea into Boston Harbor and told the British to butt out. Who really cared what King George wanted? Then, we tossed them out. It wasn't pretty.

Democracy developed later, much later, and on our own terms. Just who is supposed to have the power in a democracy? Maybe those who have to live with their own decisions. I think so.


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