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When you get deep into your 70's and like competitive sports, finding one that doesn't endanger heart, ankles, knees and shoulders can get a bit tricky. Perhaps even more-so when your body is no longer svelte.

It was by accident that I came upon pickleball. It is a relatively new sport.



Pickleball is a mini-tennis-like game played on a badminton-sized court that began in the Puget Sound region of the State of Washington. It is played with a wood or composite paddle and a perforated, slow-moving ball over a tennis net lowered to 34 inches. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can soon develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.


pickleball raquet.jpg

The sport is spreading fast across our country. We have 250 members of our club in Sun City West. Our neighbors, a bit younger, in Sun City Grande have 600! In the past, I have been an enthusiast for tennis, squash and badmitton. Something about Pickleball fires me up and keeps me running, pivoting and keeping my eye on the ball. The name could stand improving. It almost almost always provokes a chuckle. But the guy who developed it was named Pickle. There's always something.

pickleball player.jpg



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