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I’ve Never Liked Dial Soap…

I've never much liked Dial soap. Or any other soap since Lifebuoy passed the way of all tired bars of soap.

As for Dial, it has always seemed bland to me, innocuous, too mildly sweet in smell. Jo Ann loves it. I don't. We do agree on most things. And that is nice.

To be fair, I must say that I have looked in vain for a long time for a soap I really liked. Few of them foam up enough. Most seem slick, hard and have that sickly sweet aroma about them. Others are mushy soft. Like using cold cream all over your body. Put the soap down and it hasn't accomplished what I had hoped. Oh, I am clean enough, but…

The green and the blue soaps are a bit better than the rest, but not that much.

It's not enough to be clean. I like to feel clean.

Recently I happened to notice a silly, guy-stuff commercial on the new Dial Men's soap. Bar and liquid.

"Why not" I said to Jo Ann. "I'll give it a try." She rolled her eyes and said something about my having to buy a six pack to just try it and I probably wouldn't like it anyway. I gave a therapeutic grunt, put it on the grocery list and later we brought home a bottle of the liquid (shaped like an oil can, as the macho commercial had knowingly mentioned) plus a six pack of the royal blue bar soap.

I could hardly wait for a shower, so I didn't. It was a little like buying the new generation of electric shaver. Well, almost.


To cut to the point, the stuff is great. Nice outdoorsy smell. Foams up. Must have some kind of conditioner in it because it leaves the skin feeling moist and clean. I smile.

Granted, this is no great, eternal theme for a blog. And I have no connection with Dial. But when I find something that borders on remarkable… well, why not?


3 responses to “I’ve Never Liked Dial Soap…

  1. jim stacy June 27, 2006 at 6:55 am

    i’ve used Dial for over thirty years… not the smell, not the clean or moist feeling… rather the ability to cut urushiol, the oil that causes a poison oak or ivy rash. forgoing cortisone, an immediate SHOWER with dial after contact has allowed me to live in places where poison oak is burned regularly. i only hope the “new, improved” label is not indicative of a change of ingrediant that will eliminate the ONLY reason i’ve used Dial so long.

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