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Monthly Archives: May 2006


One of the favorite blogs I read is "To the Quiet".

This morning we find a quote from Thomas Merton. I quote in full:

"There is a need for effort, deepening, change and transformation. Not that I must undertake a special project of self-transformation or that I must "work on myself." In that regard, it would be better to forget it. Just go for walks, live in peace, let change come quietly and invisibly on the inside.

But I do have a past to break with, and accumulation of inertia, waste, wrong, foolishness, rot, junk, a great need of clarification, of mindfulness…a return to genuine practice, right effort…need for the Spirit.

Hang on to the clear light!"

~Thomas Merton, in his journal, May 30, 1968



memorial day…

cemeteries are visited

honor is paid

visited one in kentucky last week

bad trip

stones tipped crooked

skinned by lawnmowers

cluttered together

segregated racially

unworthy of the noble dead

something beautiful about age weathered stones

lichen and moss – well set

but carelessness?

bad trip

Townes Van Zandt…

Last night we watched Townes Van Zandt: Be Here to Love Me. (DVD)

A tortured soul.

His songs were poignant. His poetry earthy and haunting.


An almost primitive simplicity called out some raw basic emotions.

Poor Townes is dead. His mark is not.

And may not be.

Dead Trees…

Lee Udall Bennion, a Spring City, Utah artist is describing a recent hike:

"The first few miles after leaving the Golden Throne were much like the first, climbing up slick rock domes that were covered with pockets of sand and incredible, gigantic, cedar and pinion pine trees. These were by far the largest and most dramatic trees of their kind that I have ever seen. So lovely when alive and even more so when dead."

Stunning insight.

approaching death…

there’s an energy in approaching death
that points beyond itself


noticed on Kentucky trip

many old buildings falling down

some dying magnificently

others ugly and sad

when nature does it