Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

The Frenzied Poet…

I am the frenzy, I am the lightening.”
(Sayings of the Warrior-Poets)

“Since the business of living has so many barbs in it,
and since so many of our friends are liars or fools or inarticulate or emotionally blunt or are sucking on us for what they imagine we can give though we can’t,
it is pure joy to read the poems
of the truth-sayers, the simple singers, the masters of prayer and devotion, and the crazed, wise, babblers of Ecstasy,
the High-Minded Singers to no end.”

– Lew Welch

Language Is Speech
Lew Welch: How I Work As a Poet & Other Essays

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