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God and Self-Realization…

“I am increasingly uncomfortable with current images of God, as often found in books and workshops that mix popular psychology with a theology wholly devoted to self-realization. They seem to reverse the first question in the catechism (making it) ‘the chief end of God is to glorify men and women and enjoy them forever.’ I really don’t want a God who is solicitous of my every need, fawning for my attention, eager for nothing in the world so much as the fulfillment of my self-potential. One of the scourges of our age is that all of our deities are housebroken and eminently companionable; far from demanding anything, they ask only how they can more meaningfully enhance the lives of those they serve.”

Belden Lane


One response to “God and Self-Realization…

  1. A August 30, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    God as vending machine. Seen that one too mcu. Hate it.

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