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Monthly Archives: October 2006


“If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven,
I don’t want to go there.”

Martin Luther


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Ripening Grapefruit…

More beauty from our own back yard…where beauty ought to start.


Revisiting the Dead…

“The memory doesn’t bring our friends back so much as it
allows us to see them.
Perhaps to see them with a sudden and revealed clarity. Perhaps to see them as, frankly, we never saw them when they were with us.

And if we see, what we see is not merely a thing of memory, not just
the past but rather the present . . .

And, if we see, this is also not
a matter only of memory.

It stands before us with a sudden and revealed clarity.

Stands before us as our friends’ absent work – and as itself.

It is an
unexpected gift, an unexpected clear gift.”

– John Taggart

from whiskeyriver

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Among our highest callings – the storyteller. Here is a clay storyteller I made for Jo Ann years back.



Australian eucalyptus called Woodwardii. Graces our front yard.


Beauty Starts at Home…

Grasses can be beautiful. They seem to have a story to tell.