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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Housebroken Gods…

Belden Lane wrote:

“I really don’t want a God who is solicitous of my every need, fawning for my attention, eager for nothing in the world so much as the fulfillment of my self-potential. One of the scourges of our age is that all our deities are housebroken and eminently companionable; far from demanding anything, they ask only how they can more meaningfully enhance the lives of those they serve.”


Too old to Learn…

“The person who considers himself too old to learn has probably always been that way.”

Old Saying


Don’t confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them.

Jackson Browne

(thanks to Cowtown Patti)

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Poem as Priest…

Here’s an interesting quote from “Whiskey River”

Poem As Priest

Like the good Catholic boy
who tells his all
to the patient priest,
the poet pours his soul
into the poem,
confesses his passions,
his private fears,
that flow like lamb’s blood
upon the pure white page
that passes sentence
after sentence
upon his sins
and turns his penance
into prayer.
– Charles Ghigna

One Thing I Miss…

Being a 20 year veteran of Arizona, I wouldn’t care to live anywhere else. One thing I miss about Wisconsin though, this time of year, the ice-bound trout streams.



As I head out for my morning bicycle ride, I have this strange feeling that I am in unexplored territory – speaking of the calendar.

Thanksgiving is over. People wrestling with Christmas lights. Don’t ask me why. Just seems like never-never land out there.

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