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A Pot of Beans…

Jo Ann has a meeting this morning. Gives me a chance to brew up a crock of beans. She won’t have to worry about lunch and I get to savour the whole process all morning.

I use either a crock pot or a micaceous clay Pueblo bean pot for cooking beans. Both cook slowly and produce wonderful beans.

Easy. Cup of beans. Ham hock. Chopped onion. Two cloves garlic. Small can green chilies. Barely cover with water. Salt and Pepper to taste towards the end. Cook.

If you are lucky enough to find some Anasazi Beans, it only takes three hours of cooking with no soaking. They are beautiful beans; flavorful, sweet and aromatic.

And thus things are with me right now. Enjoying that familiar , and ancient, aroma. Thinking about cornbread and a tossed green salad.

There’s something about a pot of beans…


2 responses to “A Pot of Beans…

  1. Berkie's wife December 19, 2006 at 10:13 am

    It was an especially delicious meeting Joanne went to 12/18, and it’s nice to know she went home to a delicious lunch, too! Berkie had prepared mine, but it was just yogurt fruit and tea. Ah, well..

  2. citrus December 19, 2006 at 10:33 am

    I would guess you and Berkie have had your share of good beans in your decades together. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.

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