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How Many Artists?

Patrick Perez comments:

To address the printmaking issue, I’d point out that photographing and
printing are two vastly different crafts. Excellence at one does not
suggest excellence in the other. Are we to dismiss all prints made by a
professional printmaker that are not the photographer? What about
sample variation? Is one more pure than the other?

As for the
musical analogy, and the previous point, consider Igor Stravinsky’s
Rite of Spring. He considered Toscanini’s recording with the NBC
Orchestra to be the definitive recording, superior to his own
recording. No wonder. Stravinsky was a composer, Toscanini a conducter.
The creator of the beginning of the work is not necessarily the only
one who can make great art from the base material.

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One response to “How Many Artists?

  1. suburbanlife December 29, 2006 at 8:24 pm

    * years ago I gave my German brother some drawings of nudes that I had made. He framed them under glass and hung them in his salon. In our phone conversation this Boxing Day he asked if he could alter these drawings with the aid of a Berlin artist friend, and would I mind? Their intention is to draw on the glass surfaces and add their own variations to the images. Now, to me, this is exciting – the possibility of extending meaning through added collaboration and superimposition of meaning. What they intend leans toward a palimpsest of sorts. I can hardly wait to see the results.

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