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Blogging at its best stretches us a bit each new day. Maybe by concentrating lovingly on the familiar.

TypePad tells us of a blog which I hadn’t known of, but checked out and quickly subscribed to:

Anke: Royal Tunbridge Wells

Posted: 06 Jan 2007 12:38 AM CST

The English town of Royal Tunbridge Wells is in the southern county of Kent and by most accounts, it’s a lovely place. Of course, the account we’re most familiar with is from Anke: Royal Tunbridge Wells, which offers a perspective on the town from a very happy resident. Anke clearly loves his hometown and describes his blog as “a way of sharing it with the world.” After blogging about Tunbridge Wells for a bit over a year, he’s discovered another benefit, “It gives me an excuse to get out exploring and discover new things.” It seems like that’s a common theme with bloggers who pick a subject and stick with it: They get to do more than just share their knowledge with others, they get to deepen their knowledge and build a whole new set of experiences. Call it a delightful side effect of subject-based blogs.


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