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Psalms Class # 2…

Last night we taught the second of our 5 classes on the Psalms.

The first section was all about translations: the hows and whys of that discipline.

Then we turned to studies of Psalms 8, 11 and 22.

Texts that reached out and grabbed us most were:

“What is a frail mortal that you should be mindful of him,

a human being, that you should take notice of him…

Yet…you make him master over all that you have made.”

Psalm 8:4-6 (NEB)



“If the foundations are crumbling,

what is the use of goodness?”

Psalm 11:3 (50 Psalms)



“I call through the night,

and you just let me call.”

Psalm 22:2 (50 Psalms)


One response to “Psalms Class # 2…

  1. suburbanlife January 19, 2007 at 11:21 am

    Very thought provoking…
    is goodness the mortar that helps mend crumbling foundations, to forestall their collapse?

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