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Go Down Death…

With the passing of Barbaro and the demonstrations of elders who want a voice in when they can die, one’s thoughts linger on dying this morning.

If and when I have had about all I can take and if hospice doesn’t seem to suffice, I would hope that my Dr. would be compassionate and wise enough to allow me to have a voice in what it means to die in dignity on my own terms.

I don’t trust or want the political process or even the church to make such a personal decision for me. Dying is about as personal as it gets.


One response to “Go Down Death…

  1. suburbanlife January 31, 2007 at 4:29 am

    Your Simple Things photo also, subtly reiterates what you say today. This is such a complex issue-especially just when is it allowed for an individual to express their suffering and the wish to be let alone to complete their process of dying? to refuse treatment, to refuse liquid?

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