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Peter Matthews describes himself in this way:

I am married with 4 kids. I grew up Methodist, spent 10 years as a baptist minister and now I am an Anglican Priest.

Anyone with that description has to be worth reading. I read his blog every day.

This morning he has an unusually good piece on the significance of sacraments.

Peter Toon on Sacraments and Individualism

Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, Anglican priest and director of the Prayer Book
Society wrote a short article entitled, “Sacraments—diminished by
Subjectivism and Individualism?” Here is an excerpt worth pondering.

“The Sacraments do not operate by their effect upon our feelings, nor is
their primary purpose our individual edification. They operate because
they are the acts of Christ in his Mystical Body the Church, and their
purpose is the building up of the Body of Christ by the ever closer and
fuller incorporation of his members into him. It is the function of the
Sacraments to establish, to maintain and to extend, to vivify and to
unify, the Mystical Body of the whole Christ, made up of the Head and
members in one organic and coherent pattern of life, to the glory of
God the Father.”

That is about as good as it gets.

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