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Giving Stuff Away…

Our move to a smaller place is about 11 months away. We are now unearthing and divesting ourselves of a 20 years accumulation of various treasures, stuff … and mysteries (what in the world is that?).

For the most part it is hard work. In some cases it is a joy. And every once in awhile it is painful. (For instance, I have some very nice fishing gear that I would like to share with someone who both needs it and will love it. I don’t want to sell it. What to do with that?)

But we have turned our backs on the yard sale thing. Surely we would like and could put to good use the money, but for whatever reason, we weren’t cut out for that. We are discovering an unexpected joy in giving stuff away to organizations that share it with the homeless, the poor, the needy, the defeated. A good, dependable charity will dispose of our things at a reasonable price, then channel the funds to help folks who need help. Or even better, share warm sweaters, blankets and other blessings with those who desperately need them.

The things go from our house with our silent prayers and best wishes. Some of them will even carry with them, completely without pretense, special memories.


One response to “Giving Stuff Away…

  1. suburbanlife February 28, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    Can’t blame you for turning your backs on garage sales. There is something just and right in giving things away to those who would put to grateful use our equipment from pastimes no longer practiced by us. When we left the North 18 years ago I gave to a beginning potter all of my hard wrought glaze experiments, clay body recipes and glaze recipes that I had compiled through 15 years of experimentation, and also gave her all of my collection of texts on ceramic history and technology, and all periodicals collected over that time. That stuff was going to have an extended life and give someone else a leg up in their own searches. My husband gave all of our dark-room equipment to a young college student of photography so he could have the wherewithal to make his way as a photographer. As we gradually downsize, getting older and having simpler needs, we are finding homes for our collections of stuff, simple though they are, and the recipients are pleased to have them – done casually and at the right moments this becomes a pleasurable activity in itself.
    I hope your next eleven months become an adventure for you and your family!

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