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Blog Anniversery…

This marks the first anniversary of my blogging. WordPress tells me that there have been 10,068 “hits” to date. These come from literally all over the world. It is almost too much to think about. So I try not to.

It has been a good experience, this disciplined writing. Learning how to do it was the first big challenge. Helpful family members and my incorrigible love for research and reading led me through the rough spots. I have tried many forms of blogging and definitely like some better than others.

It quickly became obvious that one blog wasn’t enough to cover all I wanted to say and do. “There’s Always Something…” handled most of my journal-oriented pieces. “East of Eden…” was and is designed to handle very brief, irony-oriented writings that catch the wabi-sabi spirit I treasure so much – plus giving readers something to think about for each new day. This has proved to be a bit like an unbroken horse. Keeps getting away from me and becoming something else. Part of this is because every day doesn’t provide the thoughtful spirit to produce that sort of thing. Poetry is infinitely more demanding than prose.

I try to write every day because I need the discipline and because I think readers have a right to expect that. I like to think of it as a morning cup of coffee. Has to be just right.

Friendships have developed too. Folks I will probably never meet, but who are kindred spirits and whose mindsets, moods and happenings I loyally follow by reading their blogs as well. The “comments” section of the blogs are treasured and keep me going when I get a bit tired or discouraged. Anyone who reads blogs and doesn’t read the subsequent “comments” is missing half the fun.

My love for photography has shown itself in more frequent incorporation into the blogs. I especially enjoy using pictures with few or no comments and hope they can embody enough mystery on their own to make people pause and say “hmmm.” Or more. That, of course, is an impossible dream. But I try.

So, thank you, friends, for your taking the time to read my stuff. I love doing it and you are a vital part of that.

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2 responses to “Blog Anniversery…

  1. suburbanlife March 3, 2007 at 11:08 am

    Happy Anniversary!
    Your blogs provide so much food for thought, and I am one who is grateful for the effort this may be for you. Thank you!

  2. Antony March 4, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    Thank YOU Roger. I am certainly glad you and your blogs are here, and that our cyber paths have crossed. And if I ever happen to be down your neck of the desert, I’m giving you a holler.

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