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Changing your Mind…

Recently there has been much emphasis on changing one’s mind – “flip-flopping” as it was labeled in the last presidential election.

Most of us have been astonished as we watched Mitt Romney, John McCain and others do complete about-faces on issues important to the right wing of their party.

Calm yourselves, people. It’s what politicians do.

Anyway, I can’t think of many important issues that I haven’t changed my mind on as I have grown older and realized things that I hadn’t as a younger man. I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for someone who hasn’t changed his/her mind as life unfolded. And yes, on vital issues.

The important thing is why your mind changed. If it was to curry favor with principalities and powers I would have to say it is despicable. If, on the other hand, it came as a result of growing up and understanding certain things better, then it is a mark of maturity and wisdom.


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