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Cooking Delight – Continued…

Nice comments from yesterday’s post. They lead to some further words.

1st, I forgot one of my favorite things: the Romertopf clay cookers. I have 3 in different sizes and have never had a failure with them. You soak the pot in water for 15 minutes before putting your meal into a COLD oven, Heat the oven to about 475 and bake for the required amount of time.

Beth expressed interest in the Pueblo Micaceous pots. Here’s one that I threw.

The Pueblo potters use coil, not wheel, and I have done this too. Both ways are good. The mica in the clay produces the glow and the heat distribution. Any good bean, soup, stew or chili recipe takes on a wonderful aura and, I swear though I do not understand, flavor.

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One response to “Cooking Delight – Continued…

  1. suburbanlife May 15, 2007 at 9:55 am

    Yay for Romertopf! I guess this puts a date on both of us.
    This is a gorgeous jug you made – really satisfying body and simple pouring snout. The handle looks perfect for the indicated weight and the glaze and flow and glow is just plain old beutiful. I bet you really enjoy using this! G

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