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There are many different types of weblogs around. I think you could find a hundred blogs on any specialized area of interest – and originating throughout the world.

Then there are the more general, stream of consciousness, daily journal type blogs that refuse to be categorized. These trace the mind, the spirit, the mood or even simply the activities of the writer.

Follow a specific blog a bit and you will come to know the writer – and if he/she interests you – even become something of a distant friend. We come to genuinely care for these people.

This blog follows the “daily journal” pattern, though I try for the most part to probe beyond appearances and focus on ideas and images rather than to reveal a lot of detail about our personal lives. Not that I don’t do some of that! These writings have my fingerprints all over them. That’s one reason to blog. Sharing.

Many blogs exist almost exclusively by using the works of others. But I prefer the ones that keep this to a minimum and feature original posts. To be consistent with that, for the most part, I try to share my own photos, sing my own songs and share ideas in my own way. Frequently, however, I do quote someone else’s work when I discover something important or interesting that is expressed very well – certainly much better than I could. This is an important thing to do.

Then, with photography, if I need a picture of a bear, a celebrity or the great wall of China, I turn to Google Images without hesitation or apology. Some things one just doesn’t fool with!

Personally though, the greatest satisfaction of blogging comes in sharing my own photographs. (See: more than we thought… : Weblog) They can say so much to those who will see. Even more so when published without many words to supplement or explain.

That pretty well describes it!

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One response to “Blogging Values…

  1. Antony May 21, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    I enjoy all of your blogs. You are one of the ones I care to keep up with. Whether I always comment or not, you can be sure I’m reading AND viewing.

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