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Since teenage days I have made a practice of reading several books together. One of the nicest things about this is being able to fit any given book to one’s mood, time frame or interest at almost any time. I keep the active books stacked together on the table by my reading chair. Wonderful! A little like a roomful of friends awaiting your presence. As I finish them, I put them reverently back on the shelf or sometimes give them away , depending on developed chemistry, what they left in my mind and whether there is a good chance they might warrant a rereading down the line. Every once in a while I simply can’t bear to part with a book. It will stay with me.

Right now I am reading the following books:

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingian. (A novel)

Dead Watch by John Sandford. (A novel)

Beowulf, a new verse translation by Seamus Heaney. (a classic)

Roadfood Sandwiches by Jane and Michael Stern. (food, cooking)

Friendship; an Expose by Joseph Epstein. (essays)

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby (photo editing)

Nikon Capture NX by Ben Long (photo editing)

Hardly earth-shaking, late-breaking news, but just thought you might like to know.

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