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Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

A Real Honor…

Let me share a special bit of good news. My photoblog, “more than we thought…” is the 11th highest rated blog on the pixieblog system!

Being just a poor old retired westerner who is an amateur photographer, I am thrilled to be in the upper ratings of anything.

I am convinced that images can speak louder than words – and that there is much more depth to almost anything, however uninteresting it may at first appear, than we normally realize.

My effort, then, is look carefully at things, to probe a bit with the camera and later to dig at it with editing software – to search and hopefully, as things begin to hint at something, to touch, then to communicate something of the mystery. (That’s exactly what I tried to for decades as a preacher.)

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One response to “A Real Honor…

  1. bo June 11, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    Way to go dude, er Dad.

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