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Now, here’s a fascinating weblog that explores the needed balance between the quiet and the loud in both music and the quieter visual arts. Good stuff!

“The original version of the song
with its great dynamic range makes you turn up your volume, and when
you do, it sounds great. A wimpy dynamic range will result in the loss
of all feel in the music as it will lack punch and clarity. Great
presentations too make us “turn up the volume” in the sense that we
feel engaged, interested, and want to see and hear what comes next. The
magic is in knowing what to leave out. There is immense power in the
quiet bits and the silent spaces in music and in speech, just as the
empty spaces (negative space/white space) in visual forms of expression
can make or break the effectiveness of the design.

“When there
is no quiet, there can be no loud. And where there is no nothing, there
can be no something. In what ways, then, can we apply the spirit of
“dynamic range” to all aspects of our live presentations?”

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