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It’s a Dry Heat…

Word comes that the thermometer is to hit 113′ in Phoenix come Friday. That seems a bit hot to me.

Our heroic evaporative cooler works just fine until it gets up to about 110′ – or the dew point gets over 50′. So during the time of year when this happens, we have to turn on the air conditioner, which we haven’t had to do yet this year.

What’s wrong with the air conditioner? Nothing. It works just fine, but it triples the utility bill in no time at all.

Now, I know that very few of my readers are the least bit interested in Phoenix weather or our utility bills. Where am I going with this?

I’ve been thinking about the hardy souls who pioneered this desert country not too long ago. They had no evaporative coolers, air conditioners or utility bills. They didn’t take off for cooler climates to escape the heat. They just toughed it out and went about their business. Granted, the heat was unquestionably drier then since the desert just was drier before golf courses, irrigation and all the wet qualities of civilization came. Folks slept out under the stars and hoped for gentle breezes and the coming of fall.

I admire their guts and their determination. Those, however, weren’t really the “good old days.”

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One response to “It’s a Dry Heat…

  1. suburbanlife June 19, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Phoenix and area is one of the strangest places we have been to, the proliferation of gof courses is really crazy. And the place is so green! Somehow, logic would suggest that desert should remain desert and people make accommodations to live within its limitations – but of course if people had done that originally, Phoenix today would be smaller and unrecognizable. What do people do with their children on such a hot day as the upcoming Friday? Are people there basically nocturnal in order to be able to stand the heat? Well, the good old days obviously weren’t, and probably hard-scrabble, uncomfortable living for the few hardy souls that pioneered.
    Hope you two weather the summer heat well!

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