Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

Changes Coming…

“There’s Always Something…”, my weblog that has been on sabbatical for about a month will be started up again within the next week. There will be some tighter focusing and other changes in my writing schedule, which was the main reason for the sabbatical in the first place.

First of all, my photoblog, “more than we thought…” will continue as it is now. As I write, it is number five in terms of hits on the Pixieblog system. It is consistently in the top ten, which is a huge surprise for me. Shooting and editing photographs goes back to the ’60s for me and the emergence of digital photography and new editing software has made it into a passion. Passion is to be treasured in retirement.

This blog, “East of Eden…” will revert to its original style, the contemplative – emphasis on the smell of the lamp, the poetic, the theological, and the artistic. I will use some personal photos also. Hopefully, along the way, we can raise some uncomfortable questions. The big change will be in not trying to publish it on a daily basis. It will appear when I feel that I have something to say. So, it could be daily – or weekly. Should be a pretty good barometer for the condition of my soul!

As for “There’s Always Something…”, it will continue in the personal journal style. It might be whimsical or serious, angry or weird. Maybe a rant or so, a concern deeply felt, or something just stupid. You know, stream of consciousness. It too will give up on being a daily writing in hopes of maintaining quality and not getting stressed over having to do it!

All this in the near future and I will announce it here and there. Any comments will be much appreciated and responded to. We’re in the final formative phase, so they will be especially valuable.

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