Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

Where Beauty Is…

As regular readers know, I love photography. Even have a “photoblog”, a blog consisting of just my photographs. I find great satisfaction in this. It satisfies creative hungers that have their source in preaching and potting.

Lately I have been aware of how changing seasons have their effects even on the photos one shoots – at least in extreme climates. I would be a fool to be out and about with my camera with temperatures of 116′ F. One is driven inward and backward.

There are photos to be taken in cooler places. Any photo one has taken in the past can be explored and deepened with photo-editing software.

One needs to adjust to changing circumstances.

To confess the sin of coveting, I admire photographers who live in the midst of mountains, lakes and natural beauty. Those who like taking photos of people and live in great, dynamic cities are certainly lucky too. I wouldn’t change places with any of them, but in terms of my art form a modern retirement community in the midst of a huge desert doesn’t offer the drama or the rare and breathtaking opportunities that others take for granted.

So, again, one is driven to tighter constraints and more openness to beauty in unexpected places. I believe that beauty is everywhere, if only one would see.

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