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Oscar the Cat…

“El gato de la muerte.” The cat of death. He comes.

Oscar is a hospice cat. He has the unique ability to sense the impending death of hospice patients well before there is any obvious medical indication. Oscar senses something in a dying patient, jumps up on the bed and snuggles up to the patient. He has been with 25 patients thus far when they died. Folks scratch their heads in wonder.

This Providence, Rhode Island therapy cat has caused quite a stir in the media all across the country. No one can fully explain it, but the hospice staff has come to take it very seriously and believe in Oscar’s signals. They even call the family and tell them they had best head over to the hospice.

I like it.

For years I have been aware of the abilities of dogs and cats to sense certain things that humans simply don’t understand. More than that, should I ever end up in a hospice, (a great place to die, by the way)  I can think of few things more helpful in easing my way than a friendly, loving pooch or pussycat snuggled up to me.

Yes, indeed!


One response to “Oscar the Cat…

  1. suburbanlife July 27, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    Roger – my husband was reading this very article in our local paper this morning before going off to work. He too thought it was wonderful. As we were discussing the article, our Maine Coon companion watched us from his perch in the doorway and seemed to listen. He would be a good one to curl up with while dying, he too is attentive to our state of well-being. Got to love him! G

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