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Monthly Archives: August 2007

The Crooked Path…

“How do you go straight ahead

on a narrow mountain path which

has 93 curves?”


– ancient Zen Koan


Testing my Inner Theologian…

I took a little test to see where I stood with the classical theological giants. I do love Tillich and identify with the implication that I too am "no longer very influential."

You scored as Paul Tillich, Paul Tillich sought to express Christian truth in an existentialist way. Our primary problem is alienation from the ground of our being, so that our life is meaningless. Great for psychotherapy, but no longer very influential.

Paul Tillich
Karl Barth
John Calvin
Charles Finney
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Jürgen Moltmann
Martin Luther
Jonathan Edwards

Which theologian are you?
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Sex and the Law…

Have you noticed the increasing number of sex scandals erupting among politicians and religious leaders over this past year? The intriguing thing to me is that almost all of the people involved are ultra conservative folks who have made their names by emphasizing sexual morality and the rule of law.

Could it be that living a wholesome life within the spirit of the law is enough of a reward in itself that trumpeting one’s own righteousness is not only unnecessary, but unthinkable?

I’m beginning to distrust anyone who boasts of being holier than the rest of us. Goodness never has to draw attention to itself.

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Difficult Thoughts…

“Nothing is more difficult and nothing more admirable than loving one’s enemies.”


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Best Blog I Ever Read…

I confess it. Lee Bennion’s blog this morning got to me more than any I have read. I met Lee, of the Udall clan, in Phoenix during a potting workshop with her husband Joe. She is an artist, a Grand Canyon River Guide, wife, mother and one of the most interesting women on the planet.

Read this if you don’t do anything else today.

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Cool Touches…

This time of year I start looking for something in the morning. The background? A few months of hundred degree temperatures – and, with the monsoon, moisture in the air that complicates the heat.

So in the morning, about six, I start feeling the air for those first brief puffs of chill that signal the breaking of summer and the first hints of fall. We feel them, when they come, on our arms and legs and breath. In their own way these shining moments are as lovely as the first hint of citrus blossoms in the desert winter.

The desert has its charms. This one is almost at hand.

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