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Shout Advertising…

T.V. commercials run the gamut: excellent to horrid.

The remote control and the personal boycott are the keys to partial control of the latter. The commercial that has me click quickly on the remote and make mental note never to patronize the sponsor is the “shout” commercial.

These come from all sorts of businesses, but are the particular style of car dealers. My guess is that these folks have the idea that their loud, excited approach communicates conviction and enthusiasm. Perhaps.

But not for me. I will do my shopping among the thoughtful, the honest people of quiet dignity – people who respect their product and their customers and show it in their approach.

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One response to “Shout Advertising…

  1. storiesafterthefall August 8, 2007 at 12:44 am

    I don’t know how it is there, Roger, but in my country we have “shout marketing”, so to speak. Establishments such as fast foods or shops would have this stereo with huge speakers out front and they would play head-splitting loud music so that passers-by will notice them and go inside. I’ve always wondered WHY anyone would think blasting music would attract shoppers, but it’s apparently working since it’s a prevalent practice.

    Me, I avoid those places like a plague.


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