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Giving Gifts a Chance…

When I got into digital photography a year or so ago, I quickly realized that though I was an experienced Nikon user of some forty years, this was a whole new, vastly improved world. I took some classes at our local camera club.

One lecturer made the comment that discovering and practicing digital photography had changed his life. “I began to look at virtually everything; clouds, trees, people, etc. in a whole new way. Always now just beneath the surface, everything somehow comes to life. New life.”

That got my attention because I had been making similar claims for faith for a long time. Could this be true? It only took a few weeks and a photo-shoot or two to see what he was talking about. Nothing was as it had been.

I believe now that if one had an innate gift for composing music, or making furniture, or throwing pots, or writing books, or cooking, or singing – almost anything creative – it could very well put a new spring in his/her step – if only the risk be taken and the plunge be made.

This is wonderfully good news, especially for anyone who has never given hidden possibilities the chance to take root and begin to grow.

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One response to “Giving Gifts a Chance…

  1. evermeg August 10, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    agreed. thanks. now… i need to take a risk.

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