Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

Fleshing Out the Art Form…

Joe Felso writes on a subject of great interest to me as a photographer.

“Coleridge believed in “organic form”—the subject called forth its form
in a moment of “self-exposition” he separated from any “accident,” any
specific circumstance or condition. You are looking for the essential
story or image, he said. You help it forth, and the artist’s job is to
find the form his or her subject demands. He said, like an organism,
poetry needs organization. Purely Mechanical form, however, he held in
contempt. To Coleridge, imposing a form is treating your subject like
clay to be molded when really—this part of the comparison is mine—it’s
wood and possesses a grain that must be obeyed if you hope to fashion
it into something beautiful.”

I have often found a very strong image and discovered just beyond the image  visual stories that give a totally different interpretation to the image. My photoblog of today is a good example.

Variations on a theme is something I first discovered in Dave Brubeck’s jazz.

Since then I have been alert to it in almost every art form. Practicing is sheer joy.

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