Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…


I read this morning that during the month of August at least 1,809 civilians were killed in Iraq.

Just think about that.

What have we done and why do we continue doing it?


One response to “Judgment…

  1. the individual voice September 1, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    The month of August. That gorgeous, blazing month. All that blood shed. For the lies, pride and delusions of a President who is now exhausting our own troops with 15 month deployments while he takes more vacation than work days year round, it seems. We have all been too world weary to impeach him and his vice president as they undo the principles of our Constitution with bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed, all on their hands. And they sleep well at night, smug and well-fed.

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