Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…


Know who I admire? Surely, fellow septuagenarians Clint Eastwood, Tony Bennett and Robert Redford.

Lynn Elber comments in a Sunday New York Times article: “Eastwood and Bennett in “Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends”, are debuting Wednesday night on PBS, and we find two artists who have demonstrated both longevity and the creative strength to remain unaffected by fashion.”

Mr. Bennett, commenting on Eastwood’s “Oscar-winning work as a director magnificent and a demonstration of what can be learned from experience.”

“You learn what to leave out; you simplify to communicate more.”

Redford has brought Merryl Streep (whom I also admire profoundly) to the screen again in a courageous new film, “Lions for Lambs” , which is apparently as prophetic as anything that has come out in a long, long time. He raises the tough and long-range issues that bore to the heart of life in these United States.

Recognizing the issues, speaking the truth to power, avoiding the faddish and keeping it simple. What more can one hope for?


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