Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…


We’ve never really understood how to handle mountains. They never cease to inspire. Yet, they do not support us for normal living.

We will be driving through mountains today. The Psalmist resolves it all so well:

“I look up to the mountains,

does my strength come from mountains?

No, my strength comes from God,

who made heaven, earth and mountains.”

Psalm 121



One response to “Mountains…

  1. suburbanlife September 18, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    My son and driving down the Fraser valley highway on a trip to visit my parents in Vancouver. he became uncharacteristically quiet during a part of the drive as we were passing in between tall mountains. Then he made a considered comment about how the mountains came to be – “Well, God was playing with stones, rocks and sand. He was enjoying himself tossing rocks down in a row. He liked how they looked and thought he had a good idea. These mountains are those rocks God was playing around with, throwing them down and arranging. God must have been a giant!” My son was five years old at the time, and I discussed God with him as the creator of everything. G

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