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Blue Jeans…

Just read a piece in the Times on producing designer blue jeans. There were pictures of workers riveting buttons on and sanding the legs to make them look worn. They also insert ripped holes into the finished product to make them look REALLY worn.

Why can’t folks wear jeans heavily enough on their own to make them not only look worn, but be worn? Authentic blue jeans. Authentic people.

This reminds me of having a president who goes to great lengths to show the world that he is a “cowboy”, when actually he is frightened of horses – and doesn’t ride at all.

I like blue denim and blue jeans! Just seems to me that such a straight-forward material should be allowed to be what it actually is. Let the jeans – and the people – earn the scars, the wrinkles and the rips.

One response to “Blue Jeans…

  1. the individual voice September 26, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Um, what scars, when most people spend their day sitting in front of a computer? That’s the only kind of work in jeans most people do. Sad and absurd, that jeans have to be pre-worn.

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