Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…


We were watching a baseball game the other night and I realized that I had become blind to racial differences. I never think of whether a player is white or black or yellow or blue. And better than that, the athletes never seem to lean over backward to remind me of their race.

Maybe this is true liberation. We have watched the minority issues rise and fall across the last half century. Women. Gays. Racial minorities. Religious and national minorities. On and on.

The pattern is the same. The issues are raised. People take a stand. Crucifixions happen. We liberals climb on board. Victories start happening. Progress is underway. The future looks bright. Given time and patience and wisdom the problems are slowly resolved and we get on with the next revolution. We forget our differences.

But I think the good things are really being achieved when the minorities grow sufficiently secure to start living the life they have worked and sacrificed so much to achieve.  They get bored, as do the rest of us, from hearing that self-absorption that keeps insisting that it is truly all about them. It’s a great moment when we come to realize that all of us can get on with our lives without the constant reminders that people are different and that is bad. It is, in fact, good.


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