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Monthly Archives: October 2007

A Time For Discovering Life…

Helen Nearing offers a quote that is worthy of thought.

“I want to tell people approaching and perhaps fearing old age that it is a time of discovery. If they say, ‘Of what?’ I can only answer, ‘We must find that out for ourselves or it won’t be a discovery.’ “

– Florida Scott-Maxwell The Measure of My Days 1968

It is, perhaps, too easy to lump the varieties of experiencing aging into one homogeneous category. As I am experiencing it, there seem to be as many ways to approach getting older as there are aging people.

The ones who see it as an adventure and a time of discovery as opposed to a grim necessity have learned and developed wisdom and happiness beyond measure.


A Good Secret…

As so often is the case, Ronni, in “Time Goes By”, her classic blog, has a provocative quotation:

“Wisdom lies in knowing what to overlook.”

(Quote from Dr. William H. Thomas.)

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“As I approve of a youth who has something of the old man in him, so I am no less pleased with an old man who has something of the youth.”



Be back Monday. Stay tuned.

If My Grandchildren Were To Ask Me…

If my grandchildren were to ask me for one piece of advice that would help them most in the years ahead of them, it would be something like this.

In these schooling years, learn to love to learn. Beyond that, never stop growing in your mind and spirit. You can take the joyous capacity for being stretched all the way to the grave.

This is the true excitement – the humble awareness of the wonder and the mystery out there, just beyond your reach.

A Golden Glow…

In days long gone I used to read everything I could get my hands on by Helen and Scott Nearing. They were formative for me in my adult years. So in touch with the soil, simplicity and life process!

Helen kept a journal of her thoughts and readings on the subjects of aging and dying in her 80’s and 90s. It is a treasure. Here is a sample.
“Psychological aging, melancholic and misanthropic, need not accompany physiological aging. There can be such a thing as successful aging. A sense of wholeness, of integrity, can be the culmination of old age. It can be a time of rich involvement, with a golden glow over the inevitable ending.”

– Helen Nearing

Light on Aging and Dying