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Monthly Archives: November 2007


“East of Eden” is taking a brief sabbatical. The strains of selling our home are weighing upon this writer and I need a bit less pressure for a spell.

You can still read my stuff, if you like, at my other blog, “There’s Always Something”. And the daily sharing of my photography, “More Than We Thought”, will continue to run.

I’ll be back in this saddle again before too long.


The Coming of the End…

These words never cease to move me and make my life and the lives of those I love (human and otherwise) fit into some great eternal plan here on earth.

“When any living thing has come to the end of its cycle, we accept that end as natural. When that intangible cycle has run its course, it is a natural and not unhappy thing that a life comes to its end.”

– Rachel Carson

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A Film For Thoughtful People…

Last night we watched “Baraka”, a documentary film without words or plot. Absolutely  stunning and deeply thoughtful. We got it from our Blockbuster account. My guess is that Netflix would have it as well.

The cinematography and the music are just right. The wordless action moves right along and one is left with the overwhelming impression of mystery – and connection to the world and its people.

A strong suggestion would be to either watch it by yourself or with someone sensitive enough to keep his/her mouth shut and mind open during the film. Probing and reflection come later.