Etchings in the Sand…

Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

Leather Postcards…

I came upon quite a treasure while unpacking a piece of antique furniture yesterday. 9 brown leather postcards. They were sent, with 1 and 2 cent postage stamps to my Grandmother, Marie Griffin. before she became Marie Griffin Bourland. They are dated 1906 – 102 years ago.

On the message side there are stamped, sometime in color, with cartoon-like characters and messages such as “I’m all alone.” “They say that cupid strikes the match that sets the heart aglow, but where does cupid strike the match is what I’d like to know.”  “I can hardly bear to leave you.” (this with a bear) “No place like home.”

You get the idea.

They are addressed to Grandmother at “West 6th St., Lexington, Ky.” No zip code or street numbers.

One of them is from my Grandfather, Ernest Bobbitt Bourland, signed “Bob.” Others are from “Walter”, “Gene”, “Stanley”, “Mark”, and someone named “Gano Bullard.”

The only written message that survives is from “Bob”, who wrote: “I am wishing for you.”

And, of course, he won. I never heard her refer to him by any other name than “The Preacher.” Which he most certainly was.

Somehow I can’t picture my Grandmother with all those boy friends, or “gentlemen callers” as Tennessee Williams so beautifully put it. But she was, second only to Jo Ann, the greatest, nicest woman I’ve ever known. So why not?

Postcards of leather. They stand the test of time and reveal the gentle secrets of another age.


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