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I need to tell you that I’ve been talking about you. I shared my feelings with the “There’s Always Something…” readers this morning. Might as well come clean. Here’s what I wrote:

Wrestling With A Blog…
Having some much treasured time on my hands at last, I turned some attention to my “East of Eden” blog. It has been boring and bothering me for months and I didn’t know why. Well, it had lost its identity, for one thing. It started out, almost two years ago as a minimalist wabi-sabi expression of snippets of truth that popped into my head from time to time. As you might imagine, this never really caught on.

The readership ran from 15 to 20 per day. Hardly a blockbuster – though that didn’t really matter to me. At least at first. But this blog has from 40 to 60 readers per day. My photoblog, “More Than We Thought” gets from 250 to 400 hits per day. I didn’t want to dump the blog as I believe there is a place for irony and simplicity on the internet. But something needed doing.

So, I started messing with it. Wanted to make it more edgy and disturbing. I wanted to add more photography that, hopefully, could be married to some minimalist writing and catch the spirit of the original blog while transcending its obscurity. I gave it a new name, “Romancing the Desert”. I found a new WordPress theme which is stark and simple enough – then did a desert photo shoot to give some inspiration and unity in kicking it off.

Anyway, it is off and running. It hasn’t jelled yet, but it seems promising. You can find it at this site, the same address as the old one. If you get some time, let me know what you think.

Now you know what I’m up to.


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