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Thoughts and Photos from the Desert…

The Clouds Sail Overhead…

At least they did yesterday. They are the source of so much beauty, so much nourishment, so much inspiration – and, yes, so much destruction. We’re thankful for them when they appear out here in the desert. They are rare and welcome residents.

now and then the underground river surfaces-120070726.jpg

One response to “The Clouds Sail Overhead…

  1. suburbanlife May 25, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    So marvellous, this photo. There is a wonderful quote by Leonardo da Vinci, where he suggests aspiring art students to develop their imaginations by looking at clouds, water stains on walls and so forth. I can see several phantasmagorical heads in this cloud formation. Imagine lying on your back and just watch this cloud morph into amazing forms. Used to love to do that as a kid, and still do. Very entertaining and surprising thing to do.

    The range of greys in this one are more than in a complete tone strip. You could take one of those and find many tones more than the typical one with 9 steps from white to black. G

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