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A Happy, if Jaded, 4th…

Well, 2/3rds of my health issues are happily and successfully resolved and I am back in the saddle again. The other question comes up for resolution later this month. Thanks so much for the supportive comments from readers the past several days.

We’re quietly celebrating the 4th of July in our new home this week. I don’t see patriotism as a political issue and tend to react negatively when I see it worn on people’s sleeves as a weapon rather than an affirmation. We used to faithfully watch the Boston Pops celebration on television every year, but it gradually evolved into being more about the celebrants than the source and we drifted away.

It isn’t a proud time to be an American these days, but I believe most of us have a glimmer of hope with the incoming of new national leadership and the feeling that there is only one direction the economy can take. It’s an old truth that he who lives by the sword  dies by the sword – and one hopes that the direction is a reversible one.

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” – Henry Ford


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