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Desert Christmas…

One of the most embarassing things about celebrating Christmas in the desert is the way some folks decorate their property. Plastic Santas and grotesque reindeer scattered here and there with matching flashing lights are everywhere as perhaps is the case all around the country. These things seem to be strangely inappropriate to the event they commemorate – the birth of the lowly Jesus in a crowded small town in ancient Judaea. But we can live with that.

I get very uncomfortable, however, when I see noble saguaro cactus decorated with red ribbons and Santa hats! The saguaro is its own monument to God’s grace.

I captured this photo last year and used it, unembellished as a Christmas card. Here it is.



2 responses to “Desert Christmas…

  1. suburbanlife December 23, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    This is a beautiful Christmas card – tells where you live, rather than is a generic Kinkade warm and fuzzy landscape. Thank you for adding diversity to Christmas images. G

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