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Rethinking Blogs and FaceBook…

I’m in the process of rethinking and restructuring my 2 blogs and FaceBook work. Good for the soul from time to time. I find that I burn out a bit every year or so and have to renew. Hence my occasional sabbaticals. That’s where I am right now. No hurry!

On the FaceBook page, I reduced my friends (contacts) from 84 to the low 60’s. Just couldn’t keep up with that many people. Will be cutting at least 25 more in next few weeks. I believe that FaceBook exists for its subscriber, not subscribers for FaceBook.

I want to have a small group of interesting people on my page – who actually communicate on FB – as opposed to just passively watching, lurking. Not necessarily with each other, but just saying something interesting now and then. I realize that FB is primarily a vehicle for lonely young people – or, maybe bored young people. It is their turf, not mine! At the same time, I see it as a potentially valuable tool for staying in touch with some folks, sharing things of interest and keeping one another alive. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of tweaking and adjusting to mould FaceBook into a tool that fits one’s personal style, needs and interests.

The endless tests, tweets and cutesys that keep cropping up on its pages make FB what it naturally is, I suppose, but they drive me nuts. There is too much trivia in life as it is.  After all one’s FB page is one’s own and should be tempered to be useful and friendly on an individual basis, not as part of some popular herd mentality.

Call me grumpy or a rugged individualist, but I really do believe FB can be a positive useful tool in daily life. Something like a second cup of coffee – bracing, reflective, and constructive. I haven’t given up on it yet, but am determined to give it a fair chance to be a regular on my daily personal essentials list.


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