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More About God…

Beth’s comment appears with the “God Blog”, but it is so helpful that I reprint it here. Her excellent blog appears at .

Here’s what she has to say…

New comment on your post “God…”
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Hi Roger, Well, Merton titled his photo: “The Only Known Photograph of God”. (and now there are two 🙂 … anyway, Merton was kind of a wise-ass at times, and I believe his tongue was definitely in his cheek when he named the photo. Merton’s photo was taken in the years before he had a good camera (this one was taken with an Instamatic), and before his days of serious photography. Nonetheless, my sense is that the hook and the sky has something to do with everything.

The link to Merton’s photo on the louie site is here:


About the Author…

You might want to read the newly rewritten “About the Author” just under the photo on this, my “new” blog. I like the WordPress format and feel both comfort and enthusiasm as the blog develops.

As the weather cools down here in the desert, I hope to get out and do some more photography to share with you. I think an occasional decent photo adds interest to blogs.

It will also appear on my FaceBook page.

Would love to have you subscribe to the blog and read it as it develops. I don’t expect to do it every day, but more regularly than before. I was surprised to note that after just a few days more than 25 of you are readers. Thank you!


Thomas Merton has a similar photo to this one of mine. In fact, his photo, called “God”, inspired this one.

Of course a photo-shoot to an abandoned gold mine about a hundred miles west of Phoenix, Az presented an opportunity! I’ve never solved the question as to why Merton gave the “God” title to the photo. I love the image.

Any ideas?

The Automotive Predicament…

I’ve been driving my Volkswagon Beetle Diesel since 2000. Gets about 33 miles per gallon, 45 on trips. Runs like a charm. Has 37,000 miles on it. Almost never a repair. Occasional check-up.Royal Blue.

I love the thing. If I hadn’t decided to will my body to scientific research, I would ask to be buried in it.

Today I replaced the old tires with a new set. “So what?” you ask. I don’t know. Just seemed I needed to mention it.

Here’s a photo I took of an older and lesser automotive monument. Then one of my Volks on a family day.

Back To WordPress? Maybe…

For quite some time, I haven’t been using WordPress for my blog. I’ll be experimenting with it again as I understand it is vastly improved!

Stay tuned.