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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tea Party Cartoon…

Cowtown Patti is one of my favorite bloggers. She shares a cartoonized, but rational dialogue on the Tea Party fad going around America these days.



A treasure from Sophia White…

There’s always a little truth behind every
“just kidding”.
A little knowledge behind every
“I don’t know”.
A little emotion behind every
“I don’t care”.
And a little pain behind every
“it’s okay”.

Thoughts Before A Nasty Election…

Most of us, I suspect, are fed up with the strange doings of American politicians in campaigning for varied offices. President John Adams took a long, hard look at Democracy from a refreshingly different perspective. I think he was right on. Here’s a quote, courtesy of Garrison Keillor: John Adams said, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”


This time of year I get unusually motivated to replenish my freezer with plenty of “Roger’s Rip-Roaring Chili”.

Stuff is so good that we eat it every Sunday. I cook up fairly large batches, we put it up in freezer cups that just feed the two of us. When we heat it up, I fine-tune with a touch of sugar and/or salt, as the case may be.

The rest is fate.

Mining Truck – 3…

The 3rd in my photo series on the mining truck. As you can see, the truck has had an interesting past.

Even things like trucks can assume a raw dignity in aging.

That Old Mining Truck…

I’ve had so much response to my photo blog and comments last week that I’m going to do a small photo essay on the mystical aspects of the truck. Here’s the first one: “The Windshield.”

(Photo by RB)

Trucks are not unlike people in some ways.