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Jo Ann and I both have Google’s excellent Calendar program on our laptops. One of neatest software programs I’ve come across.

Each of us has a calendar of our own and we set it so she gets a copy of mine (color blue) in addition to her own (red).  Same for mine. When we do something together, which is most of the time, the event comes up with the color code of whoever enters it.

Consequently either of us can open the Calendar and see at a glance what we have going on for the week (or day or month; however we set it). We can move it ahead to see what next week looks like. We can put entries for appointments, whatever, in for years ahead with a simple editing stroke. We can look back and see what we did on any given date.

“Today” has a special color background that opens automatically when we have a look. A program that busy people or non-busy people can hardly do without!

We go to church together every Saturday at 5 PM. We entered it, told Google to make it every Saturday for eternity. One entry; a lifetime of reminders.

Love it!

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